Aircraft Sales and Acquisitions

Buying and selling business and ambulance aircraft is a complex process – we make it simple.

We bring together our cumulative expertise from over 60 years of experience in the purchase, sale and brokerage of new and pre-owned business and ambulance aircraft. During this time, we have completed more than 350 aircraft transactions with a total value of over 1.75 billion US dollars.

Our transaction expertise includes aircraft of industry-leading OEMs and famous brands such as Beechcraft Hawker, Cessna Citation, Embraer, Fairchild Dornier and Bombardier Learjet, Challenger and Global aircraft as well as Dassault Falcon jets.


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A world-class team of over 330 aviation professionals

We are owner of various aircraft. As the second-oldest commercial operator of aircraft in Germany and one of the largest authorized service centers in Europe, our more than 330 employees know every detail of operating and maintaining a wide range of different business jets and ambulance aircraft.

We negotiate for you discreetly and on an equal footing with the stakeholders in our highly specialized industry, which includes major OEMs as well as international civil aviation authorities, financiers, lawyers, escrow agents, insurers, pilots, technicians and brokers, as well as other maintenance facilities, aviation companies and aircraft owners.

Every transaction is unique, just like your need for one-on-one advice

Our expert knowledge combined with a worldwide network of trustworthy partners with whom we enjoy an excellent reputation is the foundation for our professional consulting, which we place exclusively at your service and which only a few specialists in the world offer in this comprehensive and personal form.

Aircraft Sales

If you decide to sell your aircraft, you can rely on our market knowledge and independent consulting

We are experts in Bombardier and Dassault Falcon business jets. In addition to comprehensive product knowledge, we offer you first-class expertise of the important US market, as well as a close network of worldwide partners and extensive aviation databases.

  • Market analysis and evaluation of the specific market environment
  • Preparation of aircraft specification and records
  • Preparation of a sales presentation, including professional photos
  • Creation of a marketing plan
  • Worldwide marketing of the aircraft
  • Identification, verification and correspondence with prospective buyers
  • Evaluation and negotiation of incoming purchase offers (LOIs)
  • Organization of the visual inspection
  • Coordination, monitoring and supervision of the pre-purchase inspection (PPI)
  • Coordination of the escrow agreement
  • Negotiation of the sales contract and specific delivery conditions
  • Coordination of the transfer of maintenance contracts
  • Initiation of deregistration or new registration
  • Coordination of payment transfers
  • Supervision of the closing


As your exclusive broker, we ensure that your interests are protected at all times.

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Our PPI offerings for your next aircraft transaction:

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Aircraft Acquisitions

We provide personal consulting for your new or pre-owned aircraft purchase

When buying business aircraft, it is crucial that you receive quick and direct access to all information relevant to your purchase decision and the subsequent operation of the aircraft, while understanding and keeping in mind the different interests in our industry, regardless of whether you are buying a new or pre-owned business jet.

We help you and your team navigate professionally, discreetly and safely through the entire transaction, starting with the first exploratory talks up to the unforgettable "first flight" in your own jet.

New aircraft

Purchasing an aircraft directly from the factory allows you to participate in the latest technical developments and guarantees optimal reliability and warranty coverage.

  • Analysis and consideration of your mission profile
  • Assistance with the creation of financial guidelines
  • Transparent disclosure of any cost drivers
  • Advice on financing and registration issues
  • Representation during the negotiations with the OEM
  • Advice on the selection and specification of your aircraft
  • Negotiation of offer (LOI) and purchase agreement
  • Supervision of completion and conformity to specifications
  • Final technical acceptance and delivery
  • Supervision of the closing
  • Transfer and assistance with the import of the aircraft
  • Coordination of the registration process
  • Entry-into-service (EIS) support


The features and design of your aircraft are customized according to your specifications.

Aero-Dienst Aircraft Transaction Falcon
Aero-Dienst aircraft purchase

Pre-owned aircraft

Should you decide to purchase a pre-owned aircraft, we are the ideal partner. We are familiar with the specific characteristics of the international markets and have our mature network competence at your disposal.

  • Evaluation of the specific market
  • Obtaining information on equipment and operational data of selected aircraft
  • Obtaining information on the maintenance status of selected aircraft
  • Evaluation and negotiation of offered aircraft
  • Analysis of national registration requirements
  • Correspondence with sellers and brokers
  • Coordination of visual inspection and aircraft records review


  • Negotiation of offer (LOI) and purchase agreement
  • Coordination of the escrow agreement
  • Coordination of the pre-purchase inspection (PPI)
  • Supervision of the closing
  • Coordination of the transfer of maintenance contracts
  • Transfer and assistance with the import of the aircraft
  • Coordination of the registration process
  • Entry-into-service (EIS) support


We also support you after your purchase with the excellent technical expertise of our Service Centers and can, if you wish, ensure the continuous supervision of the airworthiness of your aircraft by integrating it into the Aero-Dienst CAMO.

Aero-Dienst Aircraft Sales

If you do not yet have your own solution for the operation of your jet, we will also be happy to create a comprehensive aircraft management concept. Learn more about this

Andreas Strabel, Manager Aircraft Sales

We hope you now have a good overview of our services in the area of Aircraft Sales. If you have any questions or would like to get to know us even better, we would be pleased to hear from you. Please contact us.