2012 Dassault Falcon 7X

Ultra-long-range, high performance Jet with digital flight controls

Serial Number: 179

Registration: D-ALIL

Key Details:

  • One Owner / one operator / one CAMO since new

  • Aero-Dienst maintenance & operations since new

  • Low time a/c, always hangared at home-base

  • Complete logbooks and records

  • Interior and exterior in very good condition

  • Excellent maintenance history

  • Engines on ESP Gold / APU on MSP Gold

  • Steep approach certified (LCY)

  • CAMP maintenance tracking

  • Preferred 12 Pax certified floorplan with dual aft divan and conference seating opposite credenza

  • Crew rest compartment

  • Forward crew lavatory and aft pax lavatory

  • EASA AIR OPS Part-CAT compliant

  • EASY II+  cert 5, Full CPDLC (FANS 1/A+ & ATN-B1), SBAS-LPV, ADS-B Out, HUD/EFVS, 3FMS, 3IRU, 3VHF

  • SBB Internet (Wifi) via Aero h+/MCS-7120 SATCOM

  • Additional Iridium Aircell Axxess II SATCOM

  • Delivered with fresh 12/24/48 month Inspections


Asking Price: 23.250.000 USD

Sales video:

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Picture gallery:

Aircraft Specifications:

Make and Model: Dassault Flacon 7X
Reg. No.: D-ALIL
Serial No.: 179
Year of Manufacturing: 2012
In-Service Date: 11-Dec-2012
Total Time: 2780 hrs
Landings: 1786
Home Base / Location: Germany
Make and Model: Pratt & Whitney Canada PW307A
Serial No.: PCE-CH0567
Maintenance Service Plan: PW ESP Gold
Total Time: 2780hrs
Cycles: 1786
Make and Model: Pratt & Whitney Canada PW307A
Serial No.: PCE-CH0566
Maintenance Service Plan: PW ESP Gold
Total Time: 2780hrs
Cycles: 1786
Make and Model: Pratt & Whitney Canada PW307A
Serial No.: PCE-CH0565
Maintenance Service Plan: PW ESP Gold
Total Time: 2780hrs
Cycles: 1786
Make and Model: Honeywell GTCP36-150(FN)
Serial No.: P-296
Maintenance Service Plan: Honeywell MSP Gold
Total Time: 2443 hrs
Honeywell Primus Epic EASy II+ Enhanced Avionics:
3 Honeywell EASy Flight Management Systems (FMS)
3 Honeywell LASEREF V Inertial Reference Units (IRS)
2 Honeywell NV-877X Navigation Radios (NAV)
2 Honeywell KRA-405B Radio Altimeters (Radio ALT)
2 Honeywell XS-857A Transponder (XPNDR)
3 Honeywell AV-900 Digital Audio Control Panels
2 Honeywell DF-855 Automatic Direction Finder (ADF)
3 Honeywell TR-866B Communication Transceiver (VHF)
2 Honeywell KRX-1053 HF Radio with SELCAL (HF)
1 ACSS TCAS 3000 Change 7.1 Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS)
1 Honeywell EGPWM-100 Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWM)
1 Honeywell WU-880 Weather Radar (WXRADAR)
2 Honeywell AR-COMBI 2h CVR and FDR w/ 88 Parameters (CVR/FDR)
1 CTS Quick Access Recorder (QAR)
1 Honeywell Rescue 406AF Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT)
1 Rockwell Collins HGS-5860 Head Up Display (HUD)
1 Rockwell Collins EFVS-5860 Enhanced flight Vision System (EFVS)
1 Honeywell LSS-860 Lightning Sensor System (LSS)
Enhanced Navigation SBAS-LPV (SB 7X-301)
ADS-B out V2 (SB 7X-302)
CPDLC ATN-B1 and FANS 1/A+ (SB 7X-308, 309)
VHF VDR 3 Module VDL Mode 2 (SB 7X-315)
Wing Tank Modification (SB 7X-338, 7X-342)
Brake improvement (SB 7X-431)
Push-to-Load Function (SB 7X-523)
Enhanced Avionics EASY II Cert. 5 (SB 7X-591)
Smart Runway RAAS
Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)
Electronic Jeppesen Charts
P&WC Flight Data Acquisition Storage and Transmission System (FAST)
Falcon Broadcast Capability
SBB Internet (wifi) via Honeywell MCS-7120 with three channels (SATCOM)
1 Aircell Axxess II Iridium with two channels (SATCOM)
Inspection last performed next due
1C inspection 22-July-2020 22-July-2028
2C inspection / Landing Gear Overhaul n/a 11-Feb-2029
3C inspection n/a 11-Dec-2036
12 Months Inspection 06-Jun-2023 Scheduled mx slot end of Apr 24
24 Months Inspection 17-Jun-2022 Scheduled mx slot end of Apr 24
36 Months Inspection 06-Jun-2023 06-Jun-2026
48 Months Inspection 22-July-2020 Scheduled mx slot end of Apr 24
Engine 1 - HSI/CZI n/a On Condition
Engine 2 - HSI/CZI n/a On Condition
Engine 3 - HSI/CZI n/a On Condition
SB 7x-338 (Rev2) Fuel Tank protection improvement against corrosion fully implemented
SB 7X-431 (Rev1) Brake Improvement
Light-colored Interior in very good condition 12 Passenger certified corporate seating
Cabin Layout:
Forward (4) Place Club with Fold-Out Tables
Mid (4) Place Conference Group / Credenza
Dual aft berthable (3) Place Divan (Certified (2) Pax for Take-Off/Landing)
Forward Crew & Aft Passenger Lavatories
Forward Crew Rest Compartment
Jump Seat for third Crewmember
Equipped with microwave, warming oven, Nespresso coffee machine and sink
Rockwell Collins Falcon HD Cabin Management System
Blue-ray- / CD/DVD-Player
3D Interactive Map
Fwd and aft bulkhead mounted HD LED monitors
SwiftBroadband Internet (Wifi)
All over Matterhorn white with light teal accent stripes from nose to tail.

Specifications and/or descriptions are provided as introductory information. They do not constitute representations or warranties of Aero-Dienst or Aero-Dienst’s client(s). Accordingly, you should rely on your own inspection of the aircraft. Aircraft subject to prior sale, lease, or withdrawal from the market without notice.

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