Aircraft Management

We have successfully performed aircraft management services for several decades

Our clients appreciate our professional and reliable service with an exemplarily high safety standard. Our aircraft management service gives you all the advantages of using your own company aircraft without having to set up your own flight operations. That way you can save labor and administration costs far from your own core business.

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As our aircraft management customer you profit from our complete service:

  • Commercial operation of your aircraft in our flight operations
  • Utilization optimization through third party chartering
  • Reduced fuel and insurance costs
  • Provision of the aircraft crew
  • Stationing at an airfield optimally suited for your operation
  • Organization of hangar space and office space on site
  • Flight planning and flight execution including organization of handling, catering and permits
  • Complete technical monitoring and service


Handling is very simple for you.

Simply tell our flight ops your needs and we will ensure professional execution while taking into account all technical and international requirements. If required we can also deploy further aircrafts from our fleet.

The long-standing cooperation of our business units has enriched us with unique expertise. Thus we are able to provide our customers access to all the relevant knowledge of the industry.

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