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We are your experts for the maintenance of airframes, engines and avionics systems.

Aircraft maintenance is a service that requires highly specialized personnel and absolute trust. If you are here on our site and are looking for an aircraft maintenance service provider, then you have a task that requires a professional. The awareness of this helps us to respond particularly well to your wishes and needs.

Founded in Nuremberg in 1958, Aero-Dienst GmbH is one of the most important full-service providers for business aviation and flight ambulance services in Europe. As an internationally recognized maintenance facility and service center for Challenger, Falcon, Global, Hawker and Learjet business jets, we provide MRO services for airframes, engines and avionics, as well as interior work, modifications and upgrades. Our headquarters is located at the 24/7 airport in Nuremberg, Germany. In addition, our services are also available at our new Maintenance Station in Oberpfaffenhofen and at our Line Stations in Austria (Vienna and Klagenfurt) as well as at our component shop in Landsberg a. Lech. We are recognized by a large number of national aviation authorities and serve customers from all over Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the USA and South East Asia.

On this page you will find our most important aircraft maintenance services.

André Ebach Aero-Dienst Mantenance

For our customers, we turn complex work into a simple service. This is how we do aircraft maintenance – and how we have done it for decades.

This is a core element of our philosophy: We reduce the inherent complexity of our industry for our customers. This goal has shaped our work in the field of aircraft maintenance for many decades.

Our partners around the world trust us, and some of them have done so for decades now. We are particularly pleased about this, because when you repeatedly place your trust in us, we do it right. Business aviation is a uniquely high-demand field, and each individual carries a great deal of responsibility — including you, if you are reading this as someone who is responsible for a business jet.

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We offer aircraft maintenance for these aircraft types

Minimizing downtime is what drives us

Maintenance and repair in our component shop

We've been in avionics since avionics has existed

So that you can work efficiently and comfortably on board

Modifications and certifications

The all-around worry-free package for airworthiness

Customized design for the external appearance of your aircraft

Where to find us

We offer aircraft maintenance for these aircraft types

Aero-Dienst Aircraft Maintenance

Maintaining airframes, engines and avionics systems of well-known manufacturers has been our main field of business for decades.

Our maintenance services include:

  • Scheduled and unscheduled maintenance
  • Repair work of all kinds
  • Extensive upgrades and retrofitting, including STC
  • Major repairs and modifications
  • Complete service for turbofan and turboprop engines
  • AOG support
  • Extensive supply of replacement parts
  • Fast troubleshooting on site, wherever you happen to be

We help you to make the right decision. Our customers should just be able to fly – we do the rest.

Engine maintenance: Minimizing downtime is what drives you

Engine maintenance has been one of the core competencies of Aero-Dienst for over 50 years. Our work is recognized by customers and manufacturers alike – and we are proud of our excellent reputation in this field. We are recognized by these engine manufacturers as:

  • Honeywell Major Mobile Channel Partner
  • Pratt & Whitney Designated Maintenance Facility
  • GE Authorized Service Center
  • Rolls-Royce Authorized Service Center

In our in-house engine shops for Honeywell and P&W engines, our engine teams are ready to service your turbofan engines. Modern test procedures, on-going training and a passion for engines enable our highly specialized technicians and inspectors to work flexibly and reliably – no matter where your business jet is located. Our mobile repair teams (MRT) are there for you in the event of an AOG and for on-site troubleshooting – because we want to help you keep the downtime of your jet as short as possible.

Flexibility is important to us in aircraft maintenance because we want to minimize the downtime of your aircraft even further.

Aero-Dienst Engine Shop
Aero-Dienst Engine Shop HON TFE731

Components: maintenance and repair in our component shop

Our component shop team offers you comprehensive services for various components of different aircraft types. Our fast turnaround times for repairs are well known in the industry and contribute to the fastest possible operational readiness of your fleet through short hangar times. The complex technology of a business jet places the highest demands on optimum spare parts, operating equipment and document logistics.
In short: We do it for you – with decades of experience.

All components are important to us. We want the best for your aircraft components, that's why we opt for short distances with in-house solutions.


Avionics solutions: We've been doing avionics since avionics has existed

Modern avionics has revolutionized aviation. It makes aviation more comfortable, even safer and easier.

Our Avionics Solutions stand on two pillars:

  • Our excellent employees, who we continually train
  • Our own design organization


As a design organization, we are approved in accordance with EASA Part 21, which is the only way we can keep up with the high and evolving requirements of avionics. This means that we can also offer you complete services for modifications and certifications of various systems.

We perform upgrades and retrofits to modern avionics systems  and system failure analyses, maintenance and replacement of avionics systems, as well as maintenance checks according to maintenance documents. We also provide full support in the area of cabin/cockpit connectivity so that you can do exactly what you need and want on board. If required, we can also advise you on the subject of  in-flight-entertainment to show you the possibilities in terms of user-friendliness and access.

We offer complete services for the systems of all well-known avionics manufacturers:

  • Cobham Aerospace (Thrane & Thrane)
  • Collins Aerospace
  • FreeFlight Systems
  • Garmin
  • gogo
  • Honeywell
  • L3Harris
  • Universal Avionics Systems
Aero-Dienst Mx Avionics Soultions

The point is to explain avionics retrofits and upgrades to the customer as simply as possible.

Interior solutions: so that you can work efficiently and comfortably on board

Aero-Dienst Interior Solutions

The interior of a business jet is often simply beautiful to look at for outsiders. But anyone who flies a lot knows very well that aesthetics is only one aspect of good interior design. After all, the business jet is often a workplace, relaxation room and conference room – or all of this at once. Our interior solutions team can take on the entire project management and the necessary certification work that goes hand in hand with a cabin modification.

We provide you with all interior solutions from a single source:

  • Interior design
  • Interior consulting incl. survey
  • Cabin interior
  • Cabin convenience
  • Cabin / cockpit connectivity
  • In-flight entertainment

We perform our interior services while your business jet is being serviced by us

During this time, we prepare a cabin survey with detailed recommendations for refurbishment and modification measures. In general, we take care of all testing and certification work, including the certification of the materials used.

The interior design is often a project in itself. We carefully prepare for you every decision you have to make – including alternatives and next steps.

Engineering Services: modifications and certifications

Business Aviation is rich in certifications, standards and legal regulations. Our Engineering Services Team, headed by our Chief of Office of Airworthiness, offers you a complete service for the following modifications and certifications:

  • Profound engineering expertise of our own in-house EASA Design Organization
  • EASA STC / Minor Change development for upgrades of avionic and electrical systems including IFE and Satcom systems
  • Minor Change / Repair development for interior refurbishments
  • Privilege to approve Minor Changes / Repairs
  • Supporting design change approvals for Foreign Aviation Authorities (non-EASA)
  • Complete certification services for Avionics Solutions and Interior Solutions

CAMO: the all-around worry-free package for the airworthiness of your business jet

Maintaining airworthiness is one of our longstanding core business areas. You benefit from our decades of experience in both organizational and technical matters. Within the framework of the Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization, we monitor the airworthiness of your business jet and offer all related services in this area.

  • Continuing airworthiness management
  • Creation of maintenance programs
  • Organization and monitoring of aircraft maintenance in our service center or at selected partners
  • Airworthiness reviews
  • Coordination and monitoring of maintenance events worldwide
  • CAMO approvals Cayman Islands and Bermuda
  • Management of M-registered aircraft under IoM aviation regulations
Aircraft CAMO Services

Our CAMO team takes over the job of monitoring of the airworthiness of your business jet for you, which is one of the central prerequisites for the safe operation of your aircraft

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Aero-Dienst CAMO Solutions

Paint services: customized design for the external appearance of your aircraft

Is it important to you to have a subdued and inconspicuous paint job on your aircraft to maintain the required discretion? Or would you like to contribute to the branding of your company with the paint on your business jet? Our paint services provide customized designs and a flawless finish.

We offer you the following paint services as part of aircraft maintenance:

  • Partial and full VIP paint job
  • Paint consultancy services
  • Design & color services
  • 2D/3D renderings
  • Exterior placard production
  • Cleaning & polishing
  • Bright work
  • Paint protection (coating)
  • UV protection 

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Locations: where you can find us

Our headquarters is located at the 24/7 airport in Nuremberg, Germany. We also operate two line stations in Austria – in Vienna since 2006 and in Klagenfurt since 2017. Our line maintenance there includes service work, troubleshooting and minor inspections. Within the scope of our EASA Part 145 approval, we are now also represented with base and line maintenance services at our new location in Oberpfaffenhofen. Our component shop in Landsberg am Lech, Germany, offers you comprehensive services for various components of different aircraft types.
Our maintenance stations that are centrally located in Europe are easy to reach and make sure that your aircraft is back in the air quickly.

our locations

Aero-Dienst locations map

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