Engine & APU maintenance for your business jet

We have the all-round worry-free package for your engines and take care of handling, repairs and logistics so that you can fly safely and carefree.

Engine maintenance has been one of our core competencies for 50 years. We look after many long-standing customers who particularly appreciate our full service. As the operator of a fleet of various aircraft types, we are very familiar with the requirements of an engine maintenance operation. We know what is important: know-how, expertise, flexibility, preparedness and the human component. This is because, with our long-standing engine specialists, you have a team in us that you can rely on – even when time is short. We are committed to reducing the downtime of your aircraft to the absolute minimum so that you can remain operational and save costs.


Do you have any questions? We look forward to your call or email to clarify your exact needs.

In our engine maintenance department, you get all of our services from a single source – regardless of whether your engines run under a maintenance program or not

  • Routine maintenance
  • Engine / APU exchange
  • Rental engine support (European pool of P&W and Honeywell engines)
  • Hot Section Inspection (HSI)
  • Major Periodic Inspection (MPI), mainly non-MSP 
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Test runs
  • Module change
  • Troubleshooting
  • Support of service programs such as ESP, MSP, GE OnPoint, JSSI, CorporateCare, etc.
  • Overhaul and mx beyond our levels at selected partners (Compressor Zone Inspection, CZI)
  • AOG Support (Aircraft-On-Ground) 
  • MRT Support (Mobile Repair Team) 

How we prove our expertise:

Over 300 post-rental inspections (PRI's) of Pratt & Whitney PW300 engines

“Aero-Dienst is a key part of our Mobile Repair Team (MRT) and Post Rental Inspections (PRI) network. We are delighted that Aero-Dienst achieved 300 PRIs. P&WC CSC Europe is committed to providing customers with an excellent service and Aero-Dienst shares our commitment.”

Ismael Rhissa Zakary, General Manager P&WC Customer Service Centre Europe GmbH
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Over 250 Major Periodic Inspections (MPI's) on Honeywell TFE731 engines

Aero-Dienst underlines the high importance of maintenance on TFE731 engines and the associated customer orientation through its active membership in the Honeywell Channel Partner Advisory Board (CPAB) and in the Honeywell Global Customer Committee (GCC).

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Maintenance service providers also entrust us with engine support services – it’s not only aircraft owners and operators who appreciate our expertise.

There’s nothing we won’t do for customer service

We can make your work easier. That's why we also organize and coordinate the complete repair job with other engine maintenance companies if required. In this case, we take care of the provision of the loaner engine, the engine disassembly, the coordination of engine maintenance from start to finish, the handling of possible warranty issues, shipping and customs matters and engine installation.

We make it as easy as possible for you. All we need from you is timely information so that we can manage everything for you.

We are recognized by these engine manufacturers


  • Honeywell Major Mobile Channel Partner
  • Honeywell Authorized Maintenance Provider for HTF7000 Engine Nacelles
  • GE Authorized Service Center 
  • Pratt & Whitney Designated Maintenance Facility
  • Rolls-Royce Authorized Service Center

We support engine OEMs with AOG support – this confirms our good performance and our excellent relationship with them.

We offer our services for the engines of well-known manufacturers


Honeywell: TFE731 all series, HTF7000

Pratt & Whitney: PW300 all series

General Electric: CF34-3B

Rolls-Royce: BR710

We offer our service for the following auxiliary power units (APU)


Honeywell: GTCP 36-100/ -150 (Line Maintenance)

Honeywell: RE-100/220 (Line Maintenance)

Sundstrand: T-62-40C8D1 (Saturn, Line Maintenance)

Sundstrand: T-20G-10C3 (Gemini, Line Maintenance)

Troubleshooting with AOG/MRT support

AOG Support

Thanks to the know-how, flexibility and passion of our specialists, we are able to help our customers within the shortest possible time, even in case of AOG, through our on-site mobile repair team (MRT).