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Leadership change representing continuity: Gerhard Gsänger hands over management of the avionics department to Thomas Opelt

Leadership change representing continuity: Gerhard Gsänger hands over management of the avionics department to Thomas Opelt
Gerhard Gsänger hands over management of the avionics department to Thomas Opelt (Foto: Aero-Dienst / Tilman Weishart)

Nuremberg, February 20, 2017 (mk): Keeping expertise and professional capabilities in the company for as long as possible before passing them down to the next generation of experts and managers is the recipe for success that Aero-Dienst has employed for decades to expand expertise in the company and earn a reputation for excellence in the field of Business Aviation.

The most recent leadership change in the avionics department of the Nuremberg-based aviation company is just the latest implementation of this successful strategy. With Thomas Opelt accepting the position of Manager Maintenance Avionics after years of experience as the department’s deputy manager, continued expertise in this service sector is ensured over the coming years. Opelt succeeds Gerhard Gsänger, who has been part of the company for 34 years and who, as its manager since 1999, has been key to the successful development of the department.

At his own request, Gerhard Gsänger joins the newly founded Design & Modification department under the management of Patrick Morgenstern, where he will use his many years of experience and extensive knowledge to continue supporting Aero-Dienst in the future.

Thomas Opelt also looks back on many years of professional and management experience – a background that will serve him well in his new position as Manager Maintenance Avionics. Last year, the certified engineer celebrated his 25th anniversary at Aero-Dienst, where he began his successful career as an avionics engineer. Not long after starting, he joined the Avionics Certifying Staff before being promoted to deputy manager of the department in 1999. After all these years in the industry, Thomas Opelt possesses extensive knowledge of and practical experience with the business jets maintained by Aero-Dienst.

“After more than 20 years of working together with incredible success, I am now looking forward to succeeding Gerhard Gsänger. I will continue to do everything in my power to further develop the department according to the standards set by the company and our clients,” says Opelt. “Consistency is our top priority. After all, the reliability of our staff and their daily work is the most important requirement for the satisfaction of our customers. I am positive that our highly proficient and excellently attuned team will help us to continue the robust growth rate we aspire to into the future!“


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