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250 MPIs on TFE731-Engines underline the competence of Aero-Dienst Engine-Shop

250 MPIs on TFE731-Engines underline the competence of Aero-Dienst Engine-Shop
250 MPIs on TFE731-Engines underline the competence of Aero-Dienst Engine-Shop: Andrea Weyrich, Manager Maintenance Engine Shop, shown with a TFE731-series engine, © Aero-Dienst / Tilman Weishart

Nuremberg, 18 May 2017 (sr): For over 40 years, Learjet, Hawker and Falcon operators have trusted their Honeywell TFE731 engines to Aero-Dienst for maintenance and repairs. 250 “Major Periodic Inspections” (MPIs) on this series have been completed within our own engine shop in the last 10 years alone.

Engine maintenance has been one of the core competencies of Aero-Dienst for 50 years. Appreciated by customers and manufacturers alike, the Nuremberg-based full-service provider enjoys an outstanding reputation for maintenance of engines and auxiliary power units (APU). This is reflected in its recognition as a Honeywell Major Channel Partner, as a GE Authorized Service Center and as a Pratt & Whitney Premium Service Provider.

A high degree of care and continuity, comprehensive expertise and, above all, the short response times of the engine shop have contributed to building up and strengthening the excellent reputation of Aero-Dienst over decades. In addition, the use of advanced testing technologies and continuing staff education guarantees prompt and complete service on turbofan engines of the latest and more traditional types.

In 2010, a special MPI team was formed. “This concentration of knowledge and know-how has contributed to a further increase in our overall performance since then”, according to Andrea Weyrich, Manager of the Maintenance Engine Shop. Beyond that, she foresees increasing potential for the maintenance of Falcon engines because the share of Falcon maintenance customers is increasing.

In addition, with a view to the future there are good reasons to be optimistic according to Weyrich: “A large proportion of our MPI customers are ambulance operators that indicate a positive future for their market segment and that also appreciate the AOG support of our Mobile Repair Teams.” Apart from that: “Most customers entrust their MPIs to us as a matter of course. They are simply confident that we know their engines inside and out.”

Aero-Dienst underlines the high importance of maintenance on TFE731 engines and the associated customer orientation through its active membership in the Honeywell Channel Partner Advisory Board (CPAB) and in the Honeywell Global Customer Committee (GCC).

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