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Dassault Aviation appoints Aero-Dienst Vienna as ‘Falcon Authorized Service Center’

Dassault appoints Aero-Dienst Vienna as "Falcon Authorized Service Center"
Dassault appoints Aero-Dienst Vienna as "Falcon Authorized Service Center" Christian Weigl (center), Manager Maintenance Line Station Vienna, Florian Beutl (left) and Christian Szupper (right) (Foto: Aero-Dienst /

Nuremberg, 18 May 2017 (MK): At this year's EBACE, the French aircraft manufacturer Dassault Aviation will appoint the Maintenance Line Station in Vienna as an ‘Authorized Service Center’ for the Falcon 900EX, EX EASy, DX and LX variants as well as the 2000EX EASy, DX, LX, LXS and S variants.

As a result, the Line Station based at Vienna Airport will take over both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance services as well as repair services under warranty and FalconCare® programs. The workload also involves other maintenance work, retrofitting, modifications, upgrades and the 24/7-AOG (Aircraft-On-Ground) service, including a Mobile GO Team. In addition, the range of services will be supplemented by Aero-Dienst’s own battery and tire shop.

As Vienna is a popular destination for business jet operators and owners from all over the world, with its international approvals Aero-Dienst makes a reliable local partner. The ‘Authorized Service Center’ is recognized by many national and international aviation authorities such as EASA Part 145, FAA Part 145, Bermuda, Canada, the Cayman Islands, Nigeria, Russia/CIS, Turkey and Ukraine.

Five licensed Aero-Dienst technicians are currently operating. With their accumulated experience, comprehensive know-how and their close customer relationships they carry out all repair and maintenance professionally and to high standards of quality.

Florian Heinzelmann, Dassault Maintenance Manager at Aero-Dienst: “We see the certification of our Line Station as an ‘Authorized Service Center’ as a sign of special appreciation from one of our most important partners. At the same time, we are very pleased to be able to provide our European Falcon customers with an even larger service network, with Vienna as a gateway to Eastern Europe.”

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