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Three C inspections on Falcon 7Xs for Aero-Dienst

Three C inspections on Falcon 7Xs for Aero-Dienst
Three C inspections on Falcon 7Xs for Aero-Dienst, © Aero-Dienst

Nuremberg, 25 October 2017 (sr): In September Aero-Dienst Nuremberg has completed the first of three Dassault Falcon 7X C inspections. Intensive planning and the thorough performance of the first two consecutive C inspections guarantee the experienced Falcon operator and long-term customer Shell a high degree of fleet availability. A third C-inspection is now scheduled for another 7X operator at the beginning of 2018.competence in base maintenance.

Aero-Dienst used the downtime to carry out several tasks in parallel: “In addition to classic cabin and cockpit overhauls, we installed a quick access recorder (QAR) based on a new STC", says Thomas Opelt, Aero-Dienst’s Maintenance Avionics Manager.

The aircraft has undergone extensive modifications such as the implementation of a new comprehensive Demo Service Bulletin for the fuel tank. The top-class and highly experienced Aero-Dienst team plays out its strengths especially in the more demanding tasks, such as work on ‘restricted areas’ (fuel tank). “We do this professionally and to the highest possible quality standards. And this includes the strict HSSE requirements (Health, Safety, Security, Environment), ensuring that we discharge our obligations as a responsible employer”, confirms Florian Heinzelmann, Dassault Maintenance Manager at Aero-Dienst.

For Aero-Dienst it is always top priority to adhere to the planned servicing schedule so that customers can make best possible use of their fleet. That is why the full-service provider from Nuremberg started detailed inter-departmental planning involving Maintenance Planning, Design & Modification and Avionics as early as three months before the Falcon 7X arrived.

Especially with complex projects such as this one, Aero-Dienst appreciates the outstanding cooperation with the manufacturer Dassault. “Basically, all three of the participating partners, Shell, Dassault and Aero-Dienst, benefit from the direct and open communication that is required to carry out this event successfully and to the customer’s full satisfaction”, concludes Florian Heinzelmann.

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