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Aero-Dienst celebrates its 60th anniversary

Aero-Dienst Main base Nuremberg
Aero-Dienst Main base Nuremberg © Aero-Dienst

Nuremberg, 25 May 2018 (sr): This year, Aero-Dienst will be celebrating 60 years of operation. During the past six decades, the Nuremberg company has advanced from a regional maintenance company to become an internationally recognized full-service provider for Business Aviation and Air Ambulance services.
The combination of technical maintenance expertise going back many decades and the professional management of business jets, as well as company-owned ADAC air ambulances, spans all facets of general aviation. This makes Aero-Dienst an attractive employer, with a workforce that now consists of 320 employees.
The current market dynamics make great demands in terms of agility in all parts of the company. Steady improvement leading to increased customer benefits is being achieved through innovative solutions and increasing levels of digitalization, for instance with the introduction of tablet-based shop-floor applications.
With a view to providing maintenance customers with an even more comprehensive range of services, Aero-Dienst has extended the Interior Solutions, Engineering Services and Component Maintenance sections and now offers its services at the Austrian locations Vienna and Klagenfurt (Line Maintenance since 02/2018) as well as Landsberg am Lech, Germany, (component shop from 06/2018).
Over the past 8 months, the aircraft management fleet has grown to include two more business jets, a Challenger 300 and a Challenger 604. As part of its services to the purchaser, Aero-Dienst conducted the entire transaction including market assessment, coordination of the pre-purchase inspection (PPI), the purchase negotiations and obtaining approval.
“We shall celebrate our 60th anniversary with a big summer festivity together with our employees and their families. Their competence, their flexibility and their high level of commitment have secured our company’s success since its foundation in 1958,” says Aero-Dienst CEO Viktor Peters, and then he adds: “Together with our 60th birthday as Aero-Dienst we are also glad to be celebrating our 20th year as part of ADAC Group.”

With fairness, open communication and social cooperation, Aero-Dienst has laid the foundation for unparalleled team performance, enabling it to provide its customers with excellent service, quality and reliability.

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With an over 60-year track record in maintaining, operating, selling and managing a wide range of business and ambulance aircraft, Aero-Dienst is considered one of the leading business aviation companies in Europe. By employing more than 330 aviation professionals who focus on precision, reliability and absolute customer satisfaction, Aero-Dienst has earned a worldwide reputation for excellence in best-value-for-money aviation services – customer-focused, transparent and fair.

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