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Aero-Dienst is proud of its apprentices: Germany’s best aircraft mechanic comes from Nuremberg

Aero-Dienst, national award ceremony for the best apprentices in 2017
National award ceremony for the best apprentices in 2017: Christian Bierlein, aircraft mechanic and Heike Kummer, Chairwoman of the DIHK Education Council © DIHK / Schicke / Ebner

Nuremberg, December 15 (sr): Already for the fourth time, an apprentice from the full-service provider in the business aviation has been singled out as Germany’s best aircraft mechanic by the German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK).

With 96% in the final examination, Christian Bierlein was the most successful of a total of 384 aircraft mechanics who completed their apprenticeship. So on December 4, he traveled to the annual ‘celebration of the best’ hosted by the DIHK in Berlin. During the ceremony, C. Bierlein received a certificate and a trophy from European Commissioner for Budget and Human Resources Günther H. Öttinger and the DIHK President Eric Schweitzer as well as their personal congratulations. As in previous years, around 1000 guests attended the award ceremony – in addition to the parents of those who did best, this included representatives of the training companies, vocational college teachers, members of parliament and the Presidents and General Managers of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

Three other apprentices completed their training as aircraft mechanics with Aero-Dienst with the top grade at the same time: Tim Weinzierl, Timo Fischer-Menzel and Matthias Lösch. Two of them were awarded the Bavarian State Prize by the Oberpfaffenhofen Vocational School.

“We are extremely proud of our young talent,” says Viktor Peters, CEO of Aero-Dienst. “A company that wants to provide top quality needs staff with top qualifications. The fact that our apprentices regularly get top grades shows that we know what we’re doing when it comes to recruiting junior staff.”
“With the four apprentices who started their training in September we are currently accompanying and promoting 27 young people on their way towards embarking on an attractive career in the highly interesting aviation industry,” says Technical Trainer Christian Steininger.
At Aero-Dienst, the young aircraft mechanics get to repair, check and maintain business jets from the Global, Challenger, Falcon, Hawker, Learjet, Dornier and King Air companies as well as ambulance aircraft of the automobile club ADAC.

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