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Thomas Opelt from Aero-Dienst elected as new Honeywell GCC Electrical Vicechair in EMEAI

Thomas Opelt from Aero-Dienst elected as new Honeywell GCC Electrical Vicechair in EMEAI
Thomas Opelt, elected as GCC (Global Customer Committee) Electrical Vicechair EMEAI © Aero-Dienst

Nuremberg, 21. June 2018 (sr): Thomas Opelt, Manager Maintenance Avionics at Aero-Dienst in Nuremberg, Germany, was recently elected as new GCC (Global Customer Committee) Electrical Vicechair EMEAI.

The Global Customer Committee (GCC) is an independent group of business aviation professionals that works jointly with Honeywell to bring about improvement in aircraft, equipment, operations and services by seeking input from members on any concerns or questions based on the operator’s experience, and to represent those topics to Honeywell.

This partnership led to various results in service improvements, technical fixes resulting in service bulletins - mechanical and electrical, Direct Access Support Network Directory Mobile App and improved Honeywell portal.

With Thomas Opelt’s election the GCC gets a second Chair Member from Aero-Dienst. Aero-Dienst underlines its customer orientation and ongoing cooperation with Honeywell by having Andrea Weyrich, Manager Maintenance Engine Shop, as a GCC member and Mechanical Vicechair. Both are also active members of the Honeywell CPAB (Channel Partner Advisory Board).

“We wish Thomas every best and success in supporting the EMEAI region and customers”, says André Ebach, Head of Maintenance at Aero-Dienst.

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