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Aero-Dienst is nominated for "Yacht & Aviation Award 2020"

Aero-Dienst is nominated for Yacht and Aviation Award 2020
Aero-Dienst is nominated for Yacht & Aviation Award 2020, Aero-Dienst ©

Nuremberg, October 2019 (sr): Aero-Dienst has been shortlisted for “Private Jet Design-Concept Award” in the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2020.

Aero‐Dienst Interior Solutions presents the concept of creating a business jet cabin design which represents a fusion between progressiveness, privacy and familiarity. The designers have achieved this by pairing advanced materials with classical and familiar cabin elements. The side ledge and credenza surface are covered with a thin and light carbon layer instead of wooden veneer. The chosen design is straight with clear lines, restraining from unnecessary scrollwork. The cabin bulkheads are made of a transparent material which promotes the ability to naturally unfold.

The floating monitors that are integrated into the bulkhead, contribute to the feeling of open space as they only cover the most necessary areas of the bulkhead and therefore do not obstruct the view. The concept of material fusion is followed through in the area of the cabin floor as well as in the table design. A real hardwood floor in the area of the aisle is combined with classic carpeting and aluminium coloured inlays. The tables consist of a transparent tabletop with integrated indirect lighting.

Further lighting elements can be found in the decorative seat surface stitching as well as in the window frames. This lighting serves to help achieve the desired cabin atmosphere, e.g. modern, futuristic or classic warm. The reworked cabin seats have a leaner more modern silhouette. The perforated and breathable upholstery combined with classic leather offer superior seating comfort. The leaner seats also support the impression of a wider cabin. The discrete integration of the seats into the overall concept of the design is aided by their color and alignment.

The customer is given the opportunity to experience a modern and straight‐forward cabin concept in combination with familiar and well‐known materials.

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