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Aero-Dienst offers Ferry Flights for Mx Customers and Mobile Repair Teams

Aero-Dienst offers ferry flights for maintenance customers and MRT © Aero-Dienst

Nuremberg, April 21 2020 (sr): In these unprecedented times mobility of key decision makers can be vital. Therefore, business aircraft availability needs to be ensured by effective maintenance support including aircraft ferries to/from base maintenance locations, crew proceedings and swift transport of Mobile Repair Teams.

During the Covid-19 pandemic Aero-Dienst is providing value-added service to its maintenance customers by giving them access to its Nuremberg (EDDN) based executive charter fleet for safe and direct crew transportation between the Service Center in EDDN and customer’s home base. For this purpose, Aero-Dienst uses its Learjet 45XR and 60 jets. The Mobile Repair Teams of Aero-Dienst also have access to the charter fleet so that AOG support can continue to be provided on site in times of unavailable airline travel. Based on decades of experience in air ambulance operations Aero-Dienst has implemented extensive measures to safeguard the health of its customers and employees. Aircraft will be flown exclusively by Aero-Dienst own pilots. Aircraft cabin will be disinfected following each transport.

Now more than ever: The business aviation infrastructure remains available and operational to enable people we all rely on to manage the crisis.”, says Viktor Peters, CEO, Aero-Dienst.

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