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Aero-Dienst expands in-flight connectivity services to include high speed, Ka-band solutions from Viasat

Aero-Dienst expands in-flight connectivity services to include high speed, Ka-band solutions from Viasat | © Viasat

Nuremberg, July 11, 2023 (sr): Since signing a dealer agreement with global communications company Viasat, Aero-Dienst, the Nuremberg full-service provider for business aviation and air ambulances, now includes Viasat’s fast in-flight connectivity (IFC) options for mid- and large-cabin business jets in its portfolio.

Aero-Dienst’s many years of expertise in the field of in-flight connectivity systems was one of the key factors leading to the agreement, which authorizes Aero-Dienst to provide consultation services for Viasat IFC systems; conduct installation, bringing the systems online, plus operating them; and includes Viasat’s Ka-band service, as well as upgrading Ku-band to the faster Ka-band.

Viasat’s Ka-band high-speed connectivity, which features typical speeds of more than 30 Mbps across its network, with peaks exceeding 90 Mbps, enables all passengers to perform the same activities on board as they do on the ground, including video calls, using email and VPNs, streaming TV and videos, and listening to music.

Daniel Pedreiro Correia, Strategic Customer Relations Manager at Aero-Dienst, explains: “This cooperation allows us to support our Bombardier Challenger, Bombardier Global and Dassault Falcon customers even better than before in all aspects of in-flight connectivity, especially as demand for streaming video skyrockets. Viasat’s Ka-band system is the most powerful connectivity product for these platforms and provides high-speed data rates with low set-up and service costs and very flexible prices.”

Correia continued, “With no-speed-limits and with a growing global satellite network, we provide our customers with an on-board system that can match connectivity in the office or at home, making for the best possible user experience both for business and leisure users.”

“Aero-Dienst excels at providing solutions for business aviation, so we’re excited that both their MRO and managed fleet customers have the ability to access not only high speed Wi-Fi at any stage of a flight, but consistent and reliable WiFi across a broad coverage area,” said Claudio D’Amico, Business Area Director, Viasat. “Viasat continues to increase its best-in-class Wi-Fi performance, and with more capacity coming online through our next generation satellites, the future of fast connectivity is bright.”

Aero-Dienst has registered the increased demand for faster connectivity rates to support data-intensive applications in flight through the marked rise in the number of customers inquiring about Ka-band installation. The first aircraft that Aero-Dienst will equip with Viasat’s Ka-band IFC system will be a Challenger. Aero-Dienst also maintains dealer agreements with various avionics manufacturers.

In addition to its headquarters in Nuremberg, Aero-Dienst also operates stations in Austria (Vienna and Klagenfurt) and a maintenance station near Munich in Oberpfaffenhofen. The component shop in Landsberg am Lech allows Aero-Dienst to provide fast and local repairs for maintenance operators in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

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