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What we can do for you

Aero-Dienst offers the entire range of general aviation services related to business jets and ambulance aircraft. We operate our aircraft fleet exclusively using our own personnel from start to finish and deliver a complete package as a full-service provider.

In other words: If you have been thinking about whether you need a business jet, you can come to us without any prior knowledge whatsoever in this area. You do not have to do anything yourself – except fly. You can also easily charter an aircraft from our fleet, or you can entrust us with the maintenance of your aircraft.

In either case, we can tailor our support and advice to suit your individual needs. With our know-how in aircraft sales, flight operations and aircraft maintenance, we offer you a solution to help navigate the complexities of your flight and aircraft requirements, ranging from selection, purchasing, registration, transfer, insurance, pilots, operation and maintenance on up to financing and sales.

Our customers, for whom we operate aircraft, see the business jet as a tool for their company. For them, the aircraft is a "time generator" that contributes significantly to the development of their business and the success of their company.

As an AOC holder, we are subject to the same strict regulations as any major airline. After Lufthansa, we are the second oldest commercial aircraft operator in Germany, and we have the extensive expertise to match.

Executive Board - Aero-Dienst
Executive Board Aero-Dienst: Viktor Peters, Managing Director (left) and André Ebach, Head of Maintenance (right)

Our main areas of expertise

What makes us special: We provide everything from one source, including OEM-authorized maintenance

Our comprehensive range of services sets us apart from other providers and makes things especially easy for our customers, as they can contact just one person to take care of everything. We have built up special expertise in aircraft maintenance in order to meet this responsibility and to enable the smoothest possible flight operations for our customers.

We know from experience that aircraft maintenance is often a headache for aircraft owners; it causes flight cancellations and high costs. Passengers are often unaware of it, and it is not possible to test its quality beforehand. It is ultimately indispensable for flight safety and maintaining the value of the aircraft.

In short: With our in-house maintenance facility, we have built up a workshop that we are confident about and we have earned the trust of many maintenance customers from all over the world. Thereby, we meet the quality requirements not only of our customers, but also of the manufacturers. For many decades, we have maintained partner-like collaborations with aircraft, engine and equipment OEMs. As an OEM-authorized service facility, we ensure customer product satisfaction in the after-sales phase. In this way, we have created long-term win-win-win relationships between the customers, the manufacturers and ourselves.

Our stable ownership structure helps us to maintain a sustainable orientation for our business. We have a reliable and experienced partner in our shareholder ADAC, with whom we are also closely connected through our ambulance flight operations.


Our maintenance operations benefit from our flight operations, and vice versa – and so do our customers.

3 questions for Managing Director Viktor Peters

Mr. Peters: Companies like to claim that they stand for transparency and fairness. What sets Aero-Dienst apart here?

In our highly fragmented industry, many different people and interests converge. Because of our many years of experience and conviction, we do not hide or conceal anything, although we work in a field that is complex and not very transparent.

Safety and compliance are values we live by; we all want to sleep well at night. So, there have been occasions when we have surprised our customers by disclosing a mistake. We find genuine, fair solutions for all parties involved through transparent communication, especially in critical situations. Customers who lay importance on these values find a long-term partner in us.

Managing Director Viktor Peters, Aero-Dienst
Managing Director Viktor Peters, Aero-Dienst

What is the most valuable thing in your company?

Our employees. They make our customers happy. We want the best employees who feel comfortable with us in their job positions, responsibilities and personal development. We invest a lot in the necessary overall conditions for our experts, as well as in their training and further education. We benefit strongly from the fact that many of our employees have been with us for many years now.

As a result, not only is technical knowledge concentrated at our sites, but processes and communication also operate optimally. This has resulted in many of our customers having had the same trusted contact person for years.

There is nothing in business aviation that we haven't already done. As an airline, as a maintenance facility and as an aircraft broker, we really have experienced everything. Nothing surprises us.

Aero-Dienst has been around for well over half a century. To what extent do customers benefit from this?

First of all, one has to say that any company, even a newly founded one, can hire good employees with decades of experience. That's fundamentally just good recruiting. However, as a company that has been on the market for a long time, we already have a wealth of know-how. After all, employees talk to each other and pass on experience and knowledge, and this happens repeatedly in the course of operations, over many years.

A kind of collective intelligence forms in this way, and this remains with us when exceedingly knowledgeable individuals go into their well-deserved retirement. Apart from this, we also have a huge database that we can draw on.

Our vision: independent, sustainable growth

We want to continue to grow in our business fields. To accomplish this, we focus entirely on the needs and satisfaction of our customers and on long-term business relationships. This is where we see one of our greatest strengths: as an agile and independent service provider, we offer our customers optimal solutions over many years without the influence of a specific manufacturer or an intermediary who has only a short-term commitment.

Our vision of growth is primarily characterized by economic sustainability. We want to expand consistently while being very conscious of the risks involved. If we overstretch ourselves while expanding, this helps neither our business partners nor us.

Our values: loyalty, fairness, transparency

Loyalty is important to us – our loyalty to our employees on the one hand, and our loyalty to our customers and suppliers on the other. Just as we invest in long-term employer-employee relationships, we are also very pleased about our long-term business relationships. This has many benefits for both sides: we are familiar with one another and each knows the expectations of the other.

It is a win-win situation based on partnership. Fairness and transparency are particularly important to us in all relationships. We build lasting trust as a basis for loyalty through open, honest and simple communication.

Economic sustainability and our focus on our employees are most important to us and have brought us safely through all the crises of recent decades.

Our locations: We are always on the move towards our customers

Our headquarters is located in Nuremberg, Germany. The airport, which is open around the clock, is our largest location for aircraft maintenance and serves as the optimal base for our ambulance flight operations.

We also have line stations at the airports in Vienna and Klagenfurt in Austria, and soon we will have a maintenance station in Oberpfaffenhofen, near Munich. We bring aircraft maintenance close to our customers with our locations. In Austria we have many customers and since 2006 we have been providing our services to them locally.
Our station in Vienna started with one employee and has grown steadily and sustainably to nine people. Since 2018, we have also been operating a component shop in Landsberg am Lech, Germany, where we perform fast and local component repairs for European, Middle East and African maintenance facilities.

This is also part of how we reduce complexity for our customers: proximity in service, and proximity in locations.

We shorten aircraft maintenance downtimes with very fast component repairs at our component shop in Landsberg. In this way, we directly address one of our customers' biggest sore points.

Our ambulance flight operations since 1975

As an exclusive partner of the ADAC, we perform patient repatriation flights at the highest medical level. Throughout the decades, we have built up a unique competence in this field. We transport well over 1,000 patients annually from foreign countries back to Germany. During these often life-saving missions, our aircraft become flying intensive care units. Together with an experienced team of doctors and paramedics, we aspire to be the "university hospital of flight ambulances.” We are able to achieve this thanks to our partnership with the ADAC.

In 2016, we wrote a new chapter in intensive medical care in ambulance aircraft: During a patient repatriation flight that we conducted, doctors succeeded in transferring a patient from a foreign country to a clinic in Germany with the help of a mobile heart-lung machine – and even performed blood dialysis in flight.

Ambulance aircraft cabin Dornier 328Jet
Cabin of an ambulance aircraft: Dornier 328Jet

Ambulance flight operations are a good fit for us – our values and down-to-earth attitude are a good match with this field of aviation.
Ambulance aircraft are often converted former business jets. There are also more parallels with business aviation: We fly ad hoc and to places that we are not familiar with before the assignment. Here, too, we rely on our expertise in aircraft maintenance. With well maintained aircraft, we can reliably maximize the utilization of our ambulance fleet and help a large number of patients with comparatively few aircraft.

Of course, none of us wants to fly in an ambulance aircraft as a patient, but every day we see how important this field of business aviation can be for all of us. We draw a lot of strength and motivation from this for all of the other challenges that await us every day.



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